A Brief History of Handicape

Apr 2014

Hey, I’m Chad. I write Handicape. This is the place where I talk about Handicape, myself, and other things.

Handicape started with a conversation I was having with a friend of mine. He’s been in a wheelchair most of his life, and we were talking about superheroes. I said something about him being a super hero that was handicapped with a cape—a handicape! I would be his sidekick “Legs” and we’d save the world from whatever terrible things we could defeat together. That’s synergy!

Anyway, that conversation was really just a joke, but after I started working more on creating some of my other comics, I kept coming back to that idea. I asked myself: “What kind of special ability would be relevant to someone in a wheelchair? Most heroes have some sort of physical enhancement—super strength, or super hearing.

I felt like I should embrace Handicape’s disability as his opportunity to explore his potential. The real question for any superhero isn’t about what they can or can’t do physically. The real question is their attitude. Everyone has the same amount of time, and if we focus on using our strengths for good, then we all have the ability reach our full potential.

But that’s not to ignore the challenges of being confined to a wheelchair. There are some things that even the best attitude won’t change. So there is one thing that I felt really connected with the idea of having a disability. That was the idea of how technology can be used to multiply or expand our potential. Technology can be a great way to go beyond our limitations in some ways, and Handicape has a special ability (spoiler alert) to use and communicate with things such as computers and tvs and phones. Those all give him ways to go beyond the limits of his chair and have an even larger impact for good.

Technology isn’t bad in itself, but if Handicape were to use technology as an excuse, then he would really just be creating a new type of disability—a new type of dependency. Needless to say, it’s been a fun and often difficult couple of years as I’ve worked on the Handicape story. I don’t even know how many hours I’ve spent making notes, studying, writing, brainstorming, and re-writing; but I’ve very happy with how the story has turned out.

In this blog I plan to talk about some of my personal writing processes, and thoughts on story, technology and comics.