Feb 2015

If you’ve been following Handicape the graphic novel online, you’ll surely have noticed by now that there haven’t been any new pages posted lately. There are a number of reasons for this, but let me start by saying: Handicape is alive and well!

Back in June of last year (2014), I stopped posting new pages to the handicape website. The first reason is that Dante (the artist) headed off to a convention in France and I started preparing for the Denver Comic Con.

After DCC, the artist and myself were commissioned by another company to write and illustrate a mini-series of children’s comics involving a space-traveling police officer and his robot sidekick.

Along the way, I started re-organizing some pages, writing some new pages and generally working on edits and revisions for the existing story.

So now, here we are in early 2015 and I’m proud to say that not only is Handicape alive and well, but there are even more exciting updates and some top secret news coming soon. For now, enjoy the all-new website (still under active development), and keep watching out for updates.


C. A. Beninati (writer and stuff)