Feb 2015

If you’ve been following Handicape the graphic novel online, you’ll surely have noticed by now that there haven’t been any new pages posted lately. There are a number of reasons for this, but let me start by saying: Handicape is alive and well! Back in June of last year (2014), I stopped posting new pages […]

Tools of Writing Handicape

May 2014

Handicape is part of a much larger story that spans over 500 years. While I’ll save the details of that larger epic for later posts (and comics), for now I’ll say that organization has been no easy task. Documents and Files I started working on the “big picture” story about five years ago (although certain […]

A Brief History of Handicape

Apr 2014

Hey, I’m Chad. I write Handicape. This is the place where I talk about Handicape, myself, and other things. Handicape started with a conversation I was having with a friend of mine. He’s been in a wheelchair most of his life, and we were talking about superheroes. I said something about him being a super […]